In daily life, everyone must have a pair of sneaker or running shoes. Even more, there are people who are crazy about having running shoes. However, there are also people who are athletic or seriously in doing a sport that search for a good pair of running shoes.

A pair of running shoes is one of the most important gear when talking about running. Many people have complained that it takes a lot of time for them to consider when they are about to buy a new pair of shoes. It is not an easy task when to think about buying a new pair of running shoes that fits your personal demand.Top Biggest Myths About Running Shoes

These days, in the market, there are quite many brands producing running shoes with various styles and different level of quality. The differentiations of running shoes together with everyone’s personal feet custom make it quite challenging to pick the right pair of running shoes.

For those people who are thinking about getting a new pair of running shoes now might have many questions in mind. Therefore, there are the biggest myths and truths about running world when it comes to picking a pair of running shoes.


Barefoot running shoes is the best running practice

There is a fact that many people may know about that natural mechanics can be changed due to the type of shoes. Therefore, there is a belief in a myth that using barefoot running shoes can correct your running form. However, you should know that it does not apply to everyone.

People have talked much about barefoot running shoes as a type of minimalist shoes. Obviously, it makes the runner feel more natural and easier to run in minimalist shoes which has felt as natural as barefoot. However, for that reason, running with barefoot running shoes requires a lot of energy and muscle working from the runner.

Your knees and your ankles will be impacted from great loads of stress. Consequently, not everyone is capable of running with barefoot running shoes. There are people who do not have enough essential stabilizing muscles for this technique.

Bottom line: Barefoot running is quite a good technique for those who are suitable for it. However, for a long distance run, you should have a pair of running shoes which provides you need supports not your natural muscle working.


There is no difference in women and men running shoes

In common sense, may people believe that the differences between women and men shoes are color and sizes. However, there are other different design in some parts of shoes when comparing women and men shoes. The reason behind is because of the natural difference of power, stress, and volume.

The fact is pointed out that women feet are totally different from men feet. Women feet size is narrower, smaller, less volume and more flexible than men feet. Thus, the design of women running shoes differs from men running shoes. For example, in term of women running shoes, the heel is made lighter and more flexible.

Bottom line: There are also specific design in the cushion and fit as well. However, from the bottom line, a good pair of running shoes is the one that makes you feel comfortable in. It does not matter if a woman wear a man pair of running shoes if that pair of shoes make she feel comfortable in them.


There are the best running shoes

For once in your life, you must hear an advertisement about the best running shoes or the best shoes for standing on concrete all day. However, you also must question if that pair of shoes is the bets for everyone including you. There will be shoes that are capable of receiving 4 out of 5 stars from customer reviews.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that the shoes also fits you the best. You know that is not simple to choose a good pair of running shoes. Every style of shoes are designed for a customized reason. And everyone has different types of feet, strides, and running. Thus, the so-called ‘bets running shoes’ is not necessary to make you feel comfortable.

Bottom line: It is a huge thing when talking about running shoes. Therefore, you should ask yourself if that pair of running shoes works for you, not just try to find the best running shoes. It is all about customer and tester review to pick the best running shoes as it is so called “Editor’s Choice’.


 Expensive running shoes are faster

There are people who actually seek for expensive running shoes. More than that, they also think a pair of shoes which cost higher is better in running than a pair of shoes which cost lower. This is the myth, some expensive running shoes might work but some do not work at all.

There is a study conducted with more than 4 000 runners that turn the results out the way people do not expect. What actually cause injuries while running are training surface, competitive training, mileage and running speed. These factors have nothing to do with the price of running shoes.

Bottom line: It is again about the comfortable feeling that the running shoes give you. A pair of shoes which fit you at your best will give you support when you run.


Runner should stick on one types of running shoes

There are runners who find specific types of shoes that fit them and stick with it for a lifetime. It is not totally bad, but it is not recommended. Monogamy might save your time lots in decision making but it does not apply perfectly when talking about running shoes.

According to experts, runner is recommended to have a different pair of running shoes. You might know or might not know that your running form is affected by your running shoes. Therefore, with several pairs of running shoes, you will be able to vary your skills.

Bottom line: Practicing running with different shoe types can make you adapt to wide range of changes.

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