In daily life, everyone must have a pair of sneaker or running shoes. Even more, there are people who are crazy about having running shoes. However, there are also people who are athletic or seriously in doing a sport that search for a good pair of running shoes.

A pair of running shoes is one of the most important gear when talking about running. Many people have complained that it takes a lot of time for them to consider when they are about to buy a new pair of shoes. It is not an easy task when to think about buying a new pair of running shoes that fits your personal demand.Top Biggest Myths About Running Shoes

These days, in the market, there are quite many brands producing running shoes with various styles and different level of quality. The differentiations of running shoes together with everyone’s personal feet custom make it quite challenging to pick the right pair of running shoes.

For those people who are thinking about getting a new pair of running shoes now might have many questions in mind. Therefore, there are the biggest myths and truths about running world when it comes to picking a pair of running shoes.


Barefoot running shoes is the best running practice

There is a fact that many people may know about that natural mechanics can be changed due to the type of shoes. Therefore, there is a belief in a myth that using barefoot running shoes can correct your running form. However, you should know that it does not apply to everyone.

People have talked much about barefoot running shoes as a type of minimalist shoes. Obviously, it makes the runner feel more natural and easier to run in minimalist shoes which has felt as natural as barefoot. However, for that reason, running with barefoot running shoes requires a lot of energy and muscle working from the runner.

Your knees and your ankles will be impacted from great loads of stress. Consequently, not everyone is capable of running with barefoot running shoes. There are people who do not have enough essential stabilizing muscles for this technique.

Bottom line: Barefoot running is quite a good technique for those who are suitable for it. However, for a long distance run, you should have a pair of running shoes which provides you need supports not your natural muscle working.


There is no difference in women and men running shoes

In common sense, may people believe that the differences between women and men shoes are color and sizes. However, there are other different design in some parts of shoes when comparing women and men shoes. The reason behind is because of the natural difference of power, stress, and volume.

The fact is pointed out that women feet are totally different from men feet. Women feet size is narrower, smaller, less volume and more flexible than men feet. Thus, the design of women running shoes differs from men running shoes. For example, in term of women running shoes, the heel is made lighter and more flexible.

Bottom line: There are also specific design in the cushion and fit as well. However, from the bottom line, a good pair of running shoes is the one that makes you feel comfortable in. It does not matter if a woman wear a man pair of running shoes if that pair of shoes make she feel comfortable in them.


There are the best running shoes

For once in your life, you must hear an advertisement about the best running shoes or the best shoes for standing on concrete all day. However, you also must question if that pair of shoes is the bets for everyone including you. There will be shoes that are capable of receiving 4 out of 5 stars from customer reviews.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that the shoes also fits you the best. You know that is not simple to choose a good pair of running shoes. Every style of shoes are designed for a customized reason. And everyone has different types of feet, strides, and running. Thus, the so-called ‘bets running shoes’ is not necessary to make you feel comfortable.

Bottom line: It is a huge thing when talking about running shoes. Therefore, you should ask yourself if that pair of running shoes works for you, not just try to find the best running shoes. It is all about customer and tester review to pick the best running shoes as it is so called “Editor’s Choice’.


 Expensive running shoes are faster

There are people who actually seek for expensive running shoes. More than that, they also think a pair of shoes which cost higher is better in running than a pair of shoes which cost lower. This is the myth, some expensive running shoes might work but some do not work at all.

There is a study conducted with more than 4 000 runners that turn the results out the way people do not expect. What actually cause injuries while running are training surface, competitive training, mileage and running speed. These factors have nothing to do with the price of running shoes.

Bottom line: It is again about the comfortable feeling that the running shoes give you. A pair of shoes which fit you at your best will give you support when you run.


Runner should stick on one types of running shoes

There are runners who find specific types of shoes that fit them and stick with it for a lifetime. It is not totally bad, but it is not recommended. Monogamy might save your time lots in decision making but it does not apply perfectly when talking about running shoes.

According to experts, runner is recommended to have a different pair of running shoes. You might know or might not know that your running form is affected by your running shoes. Therefore, with several pairs of running shoes, you will be able to vary your skills.

Bottom line: Practicing running with different shoe types can make you adapt to wide range of changes.

Two of the most frequent foot problems many people around the world suffer from are plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. They can keep off your feet. Not all sufferers know how to treat them. Therefore, you may have pain daily. Today, we introduce you some products in order to help them find the best shoes for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. And, they are also the key to preventing recurrence.

Top 6 Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs

1. New Balance 1540V2

These shoes are made of synthetic fabric in the US. They have a manmade sole that can grip well and absorb shock. They are designed with breathable mesh in the upper portion and foam collar which helps protect your feet as well as ensure better stability. Thus, they are suitable for the treatment of plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. They are also good for standing on your feet all day.



2. Skechers Sports Shape Ups XT

If you want a pair of shoes for the best durability as well as comfort, you shouldn’t miss these models. They are made from the high-quality leather and synthetic material. You surely feel comfortable when wearing them. Especially, you can easily adjust the shoe to fit your feet’s shape. With a support to the arch of the feet, it’s considered to be ideal for people who have plantar fasciitis.



3. Vionic Slip-On Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs

Vionic is one of the best products for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. They are made from imported leather material. Besides, these shoes offer a rubber sole that’s good for walking. They ensure to give the best support for your feet thanks to the rubber outsole.


4. ASICS GEL-Cumulus 17

They are made of imported synthetic material and designed with the rubber sole. These shoes offer a good absorption of shocks while running. You can also hold your feet well due to full-length GEL cushioning.




5. ASICS GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4

Made of synthetic and fabric, this is considered as a great product for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. They offer the rubber sole that’s suitable for people having foot problems. Because they are lightweight, you will feel comfortable when wearing. Also, your feet can breathe easily. They also give a good cushioning thanks to foams.


6. OOFOS OOahh Theraputic Slide Sandal unisex

These shoes offer a perfect arch support for your feet, so they can heal your pain immediately. Although they are not fashionable, they are suitable for wearing at home. Besides, they also can hold your feet properly as well as ensure unbelievable impact natural motion, absorption, and arch support.



These above shoes are the top shoes for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. We make sure that they can be able to keep your feet safe and protected from overpronation as well as the shocks. Therefore, you should consider purchasing one of these shoes, if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis or heel spurs, and you are finding a high-quality pair of shoes to heal your foot condition.


If you have any question about the condition of a secondhand bike, just take it to a local bike shop for inspection. Bikes are usually simple and reliable if properly maintained for safe operation. We provide a checklist to consider before buying a secondhand bike.

How to Evaluate a Secondhand Hybrid Bike

  1. Frameset: 

Firstly, paint chips are inevitable and add character, expect dings and scratches. Secondly, significant dents are what you don’t like, particularly in aluminum frames. Thirdly, check the lugs or welds where the frame is joined together. Welds are better to be even and without any kind of cracking. So are bends at the dropouts (where the wheels attach to the frame). At last, there should be no play in the front fork. Small areas of oxidation or rust are primarily just a cosmetic issue.

  1. Handlebars: 

Don’t choose a bike with unplugged handlebars. You had better replace the handgrips or bar plugs before riding if you can see the hollow of the bars. Because unplugged bars will be an impalement hazard in any accident. What’s more, the bottom of racing-style “butterfly” handlebars should be roughly parallel with the ground. Replace worn or missing bar tape.

  1. Saddle: 

Replace with a new saddle if the old one is torn or worn obviously. In generally, the saddle should be adjusted parallel to the ground. In addition, adjust the height of your saddle to live up to your legs.

  1. Brakes: 

Replace with new ones if the brake pads are worn or dried-out.

  1. Drivetrain: 

Check for worn bearings or a improperly adjusted bottom bracket, worn pedals, and rusty chain and replace them with new ones. Spin the freewheel and listen for the chatter of broken bearings. Lift the rear wheel and verify that shifting is crisp through all gears.

  1. Wheels: 

Find out poorly maintained hubs, loose spokes if any. Stand over each wheel and use the brake pads as a visual reference. Spin the wheel. A small amount of side-to-side motion can usually be corrected. Up-and-down rim motion cannot. Rims should smooth and free from road impact damage. Tires should hold the rated sidewall pressure. Replace tires exhibiting dry rot, worn tread, damaged sidewalls or tears exposing inner ply. See 10 best hybrid bikes

At last, do your homework and find out the price of new bikes in your shopping class. A well-maintained secondhand bike is usually half of the new one. You should take all the cost of necessary repairs into a potential purchase.


The Hoover LiNX is a best car vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning easier than ever. It’s a space-age vacuum cleaner that’s bagless and uses Hoovers patented WindTunnel technology for super strong suction.

This best cordless vacuum cleaner is one of the most innovative and practical ways to clean your home. It has an auto height adjustment and comes with an interchangeable 18-volt lithium ion battery for power on the go. The Hoover Linx is designed to clean even the hardest to reaches places where dirt and grime build up.
“It does a much better job so much quicker than my old vac and I am more than satisfied, since I can get everything I want done in a single charge.”
“Vacuuming is now FUN…  No KIDDING!”
“Five stars. The perfect vacuum has arrived.”
If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that’s always ready to go, that’s lightweight and yet full powered then try the Hoover LiNX Cordless Stick Vacuum. With over 1,000 reviews it has close to a perfect five star rating.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review


Hoover Linx Features

  •  The entire vacuum weighs a mere 7 pounds! No wonder it’s one of the most practical vacuum cleaners on the market.
    •    The Linx is shipped with an interchangeable 18-volt Lithium Ion battery. What’s unique about the Linx is that it always operates at full power. There is no fade out. A battery fuel gauge lets you know when it’s time to recharge.
    •    Features automatic height adjustment and a reclining handle for cleaning hard to reach places such as under tables and beds.
    •    Comes with a brushroll switch on the handle to easily make the transition from vacuuming hard floors to rugs or carpet.
    •    Narrow base and slim design makes it very easy to maneuver between walls and furniture.
    •    Equipped with Hoover’s WindTunnel technology it’s powerful enough to clean even thick plush carpets.
    •    Backed by Hoover’s 2-year limited warranty.

What makes this one of the best vacuum cleaners for those needing to clean their own homes is that it is so light and slender and yet uses some of the most powerful technology to keep a strong suction for as long as possible.

Hoover Linx Customer Reviews

The Hoover Linx has had over 1,200 customer reviews on Amazon and most of them are overwhelmingly positive. Here are a few vacuum cleaner reviews from those who have used this product.


“Greatest Vacuum invented.”

“I love the new Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. It is everything and more than I expected.”

“This thing is awesome!! I hate having to get out the “big vacuum,” plug it in, haul it around the house, etc. I can just grab the Linx, do a quick spot clean and return it to the closet.”

“Because it’s so fun to use, I generally tend to vacuum a little more area than I intended to each time I get it out.”


Pros and Cons

Enjoy the freedom of a cordless vacuum cleaner. It’s so light to hold and easy to move about. The dirt canister can quickly be removed and emptied making the Linx vacuum incredibly simple to maintain.

If you are worried about battery life it’s recommended that you order a spare so that it can be quickly interchanged with the battery that needs to be recharged.

Most customers seem to get three or four good uses out of the battery before it runs out of juice. Just remember that the Hoover Linx always operates at full capacity. It won’t loose suction as the battery starts to fade like other products do.



Considering the price and quality of this vacuum it is well worth the small investment if you frequently need to do home cleaning. This vacuum cleaner would also suit a small office.

For larger cleaning jobs consider the Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind which features much of the same technology as the Linx with a larger canister and cleaning path.

“The best part about this vacuum is how easy it is to use and how everything on the vacuum is within easy reach for someone like me with a back problem.”

“Great vacuum – exactly what we wanted.”

“Best Cordless Stick Vacuum.”

If you don’t wear the right footwear, you can’t avoid a real pain because you have to run around at work on your feet all day. In fact, as a nurse, you have to cope with full of discomfort due to a variety of reasons such as the lack of time for relaxing, spending time standing, or the physical exertion. These stresses may be reduced thanks to the type of shoes they are wearing. You know standing in high heels all day is painful. So, it requires a specific type of shoe. Check out this post to get some characteristics of the best shoes for nurses.

Characteristics Of The Best Shoes For Nurses

Support and Balance

A good pair of shoes is ensured that they provide plenty of support and balance for men and women to keep those feet strong throughout the lengthy shifts. Most footwear is made to provide the safety as well as comfort for moving on hard, slippery surfaces. Especially, shoes that are designed for medical industry have tailored features to suit medical professionals.

Comfort and Padding

If you use a shoe that comes in an inappropriate padding or the lack of comfort, you will suffer from sore feet. Comfortable nursing shoes will help you to deal with this problem. Therefore comfort and padding are paramount for a good pair of shoes. To get comfort and padding, you need to consider the kind of materials, arch support, the inner architecture of the heel box, and toebox.

Safe Grip

This characteristic is essential for wet and dry conditions. It helps wearers to move quickly and confidently without harming themselves or others. There are some common outsoles as manmade, rubber, or polyurethane. Each material has a difference in both price and improvement of grip.

Choice of Material

One of the most important factors is the material. Shoes that made of rubber are perfect for the healthcare industry. They not only are cheaper but also provide better safety for spillages than others. However, they have also some disadvantages. In fact, these shoes provide less ventilation and comfort than leathers. Thus, leather nursing shoes are common. When using this unit, your feet are allowed to breathe freely.

The Color

You may think this characteristic is not important when choosing nursing shoes. Normally, most medical facilities require wearing the white uniform. However, some places don’t require white footwear. They can wear any color that can meet health and safety requirements.

Orthopedic Insoles

We recommend you should look for shoes coming in removable insoles. These shoes are suitable for almost foot conditions, especially for people who have plantar fasciitis. With orthopedic insoles, you can also compensate for normal flat feet shoes. Although most types of footwear nowadays have the ability to remove insoles, you shouldn’t ignore this characteristic.


Finding the right nursing shoes may be the most important thing you need to do. A good pair of shoes is very important for you when you work in a place for long hours or a lot of physical activities. That is the reason why you need to know these important characteristics of good shoes to easily choose the suitable one.

According to much scientific research, each person spends an average time from 6 to 8 hours for sleeping. In case you live until 65, it takes about 20 years to sleep which is equivalent to 1/3 your life. Most of the people take care of sleep quality very carefully. Many people take care of their sleep by using pillow; blanket made from soft materials which make they have a sound sleep and work more efficiently. The best insoles for standing all day.

Do you know how they look after the 2/3 remaining parts of their life? Going to work, going shopping, going out are daily activities that we regularly do besides sleeping. The human brain plays an important role because it has to work continuously almost human’s lifetime. However, there is another part of our body which is as accurate as the human brain. It is our foot; this body part supports the whole body as a pillar. Light steps show that you have a healthy body. If you have problems with your foot, it will slow down your progress.

Insoles-The Most Important Part of Shoes

In fact, ordinary people spend a lot of time for standing and moving from one place to another. Even when we sit, our foot is also under immense pressure to balance the whole body. Nevertheless, many people have not cared about finding a sound point d’appui for their foot. Using regularly shoes with hard soles is the primary cause of diseases related to articulation.  These conditions do not affect you immediately but in the long run it will have harmful effects on your life. Insoles can help to resolve this problem by prevention these unexpected diseases and reduction crisis which they bring in.

The major function of the insoles is a buffer supporting our foot and metabolizing the pressure of the body. Moreover, it also brings convenience for the foot when moving. The ideal insoles must be thick enough so that the owner feels soft and thin enough not to make the shoes narrow. The shoes insert not only need to be elastic but also can absorbent sweat so that the feet are always dry and ensure the balance for the body when you stand or move.

Regular insoles are often made from rubber, plastic, silicone or fabric. These materials have functioned as an insert under your feet; prevent it from having smelly feet. Each type of them brings you different feelings and has various durability. Plastic insoles are sometimes quite hard and uncomfortable. Wearing plastic insoles for an extended period can be the leading cause of diseases related to our joint. For this reason, professors strongly do not recommend people to use this kind of material. Rubber Insoles or fabric insoles are much more traditional and sole largely because of their soft structures which make the user feel convenient and comfortable. Moreover, it is in reasonable price that every people from all walks of life can afford them. Nevertheless, the durability of insoles made from rubber or fabric is not high because the insoles will be flat after a long time in use. Therefore, Silicone is the best material because it converges all good quality such as soft, durable and convenient.

Sports insoles are specialized for athletes or people who do exercise regularly or have intense physical activities such as construction workers, sports trainers. It also can be used when we have a trip or a long journey like hiking, trekking, and cycling. Insoles for sports shoes are designed more special with elastic structures which make your steps more smoothly and support the foot to do its supporting responsibility effectively. Besides protecting the foot from pain caused by strong activities is one of the specific functions of insoles.

There are many types of insoles from democratic to the high level. When you make a decision of which type should be chosen, think about what I mentioned above. Never buy a ridiculous cheap insoles and pay attention to its origin before deciding. This not only has effects on your health but also plays a very important role in your daily activities, your job, and other things. Insoles even show your fashion taste and make your outfit more fashionable. In conclusion, insoles roles in our life cannot be denied.